A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (Chapter 801-Chapter 1000)

Han Li didn’t give his own thoughts on the situation and simply nodded, his mind wandering.

As for Elder Lu, he frowned and slowly said, “However, I didn’t expect that the Ghost Spirit Sect would bluntly issue the Devilfall Medallions and sell them to various sects in limited quantities. As a result, they guaranteed themselves to be the largest power entering the valley. I fear the Ghost Spirit Sect plans on having these cultivators scout the way on their behalf. As a result, the valley’s treasures will no longer be monopolized by them, but the danger will be vastly reduced as well.”

Stroking his chin, Han Li smiled and said, “There is no such thing as a perfect situation in this world. Your actions have caused us more benefits than harm. It is likely the Ghost Spirit Sect’s elders are gritting their teeth with resentment.”

With roused spirits, Marquis Nanlong said, “Fellow Daoist Han’s words are correct. This has caused the Ghost Spirit Sect to suffer for the time being. As for the rest of my hatred, I will have to settle accounts after I emerge from the valley.”

Afterwards, the three began to discuss the movements of the Ghost Spirit Sect and chatted about the arrangements and details of entering Devilfall Valley.


Seven days later, the miasma surrounding the Myriad Link Mountains had nearly disappeared.

The many cultivators that had remained hidden nearby suddenly appeared in great numbers and made their way towards Devilfall Valley one after another. There were also cultivators who possessed lower cultivation and those that were unwilling to enter, who were merely taking advantage of the weakened miasma to search for spirit beasts and medicines in the mountains.

Devilfall Valley was located in the northwest area of the Myriad Link Mountains, spanning an area of tens of thousands of kilometers. However, the battle amongst ancient devil cultivators had caused the surrounding valley and sky to be layered with fearsome ancient restrictions. They were all incredibly difficult to deal with and overlapped in such a way that it formed an impenetrable barrier.

The sole area that lacked these restrictions was the entrance to Devilfall Valley. It was three hundred meters wide and narrowed as it went tens of kilometers within. This path was originally easy to pass through but the effects of the ancient battles had ravaged the area, leaving it densely filled with spatial tears.

Glaring white light shined from some of the tears while others were dim and completely invisible.

The sizes of these tears varied anywhere from a few inches to several tens of meters wide, allowing them to engulf several tens of men without problem. As for the small tears, they were similarly incredibly deadly blades hanging in the air. Most terrible of all is that over time, these spatial tears would wander, as well as open and disappear intermittently. There was no pattern to their appearance.

Because of these fearsome spatial tears, almost no cultivators had ever made it out of the valley alive, even bringing countless Nascent Soul eccentrics to their end. The reason for Devilfall Valley’s reputation as the most dangerous area in the Heavenly South was mostly attributed to its spatial tears.

But this time would be different. According to the Ghost Spirit Sect, one would be able to safely pass into the valley, creating a disturbance throughout the Heavenly South. Suddenly, cultivators began to eye the treasures with greed, and the several hundred Devilfall Medallions were cleanly divided up eagerly.

There were also a few cultivators that were unable to acquire a Devilfall Medallion and could only gather around this area in hopes that they could somehow manage to sneak into the valley.

Chapter 805: Cultivators Gathering

Vines covered the small valley’s surroundings as a ball of white light shot towards it. Within the white light, there was a beautiful green-robed woman sitting upright on top of a snow-white bird.

In the blink of an eye, the bird arrived above the small valley and folded its wings, diving towards the dense vines below. The woman raised her hand and launched a spell seal down below, causing the scene to tremble with green light. The vines suddenly disappeared to reveal a green light barrier. The woman dismounted from the bird and vanished through the barrier with a flash of white light.

The barrier disappeared to reveal six cultivators all clothed in green as well. They were sitting around a five-pointed spell formation about twenty meters wide at the entrance of the small valley. With one of the cultivators sitting cross-legged at each of the spell formation’s corners, it began to flicker with spirit light. The remaining cultivator was a long-bearded old man sitting at the center of the spell formation with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, the old man opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. There was a white light slowly descending onto them. A moment later, a green-robed woman appeared in front of the old man and saluted him as soon as she landed.

The green-robed woman lowered her head in respect and said, “This disciple greets her Martial Senior. The miasma on the mountain range has completely disappeared. There are many cultivators that have already gathered in front of Devilfall Valley.”

The long-bearded old man twirled his beard and slowly asked, “Has the Ghost Spirit Sect made an appearance yet?”

After a moment of thought, the woman carefully replied, “Apart from a few, a majority of the Ghost Spirit Sect have yet to take action.”

The long-bearded old man snorted and said, “Since the Ghost Spirit Sect have yet to take action, we must not move hastily either. So long as we pay attention to their elders, we won’t encounter any mishap. Martial Niece Han, continue monitoring their movements and as soon as there is a change, immediately report back.”

“Yes, this disciple will set off.” The green-robed woman accepted his orders without any opposition. After saluting the old man once more, she flew off on the spirit bird.

The old man watched as the green-robed woman left until she disappeared and his eyes brightly glinted as he momentarily sank into thought. The five cultivators sitting around the spell formation were completely unperturbed by the appearance of the woman surnamed Han. They all remained completely still as if they were made of wood.

The long-bearded old man didn’t find this out of the ordinary at all and closed his eyes once more.


On the top of a lofty mountain, there was a middle-aged, grey-robed Daoist priest standing on top of a boulder. He was staring in the direction of Devilfall Valley with a squint as raging winds blew against him.

The Daoist priest turned his head to look at two sinister puppets at his side with a trace of satisfaction. He muttered, “With these two Nascent Soul level ancient puppets, I’ll reap a great harvest from this journey to Devilfall Valley.”

With that said, the Daoist priest raised his arm and struck the puppets with a spell seal. In an instant, the puppets quickly shrunk and shot into his sleeve. Soon, the Daoist priest tore through the skies in the direction of Devilfall Valley as a streak of red light.

In another corner of the sky, there were three streaks of light arranged in a row, flying towards Devilfall Valley.

If Han Li were to see the trio, he would be greatly surprised as he would recognized two of them. One was a sallow-faced yellow-robed old man, Ancestor Linghu of Yellow Maple Valley. By his side was a white-robed woman with a pale complexion and a chilly expression, the grand elder of the Masked Moon Sect and Nangong Wan’s Senior Martial Sister.

The one that Han Li wouldn’t recognize was the old man, who had a steep brow and a lion’s nose.

The three were completely silent as they hurried on their way and soon disappeared into specks of light that faded from the sky without a trace.