A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (Chapter 801-Chapter 1000)

Four hours later, he caught sight of the Myriad Link Mountains as well as the thinning miasma that surrounded it. The verdant forests and towering peaks could all be vaguely seen.

The mountains on the edge couldn’t be said to be huge, only wide. As far as the eye could see, the mountain ridge spread to either side as a continuous black line.

Han Li slowed down when he arrived nearby and took a look at his surroundings. It was quiet and had no other traces of cultivators. With an indifferent expression, he flew a bit further and slowly closed his eyes. Suddenly, he spread out his immense spiritual sense and quickly searched a fifty kilometers perimeter around him.

A short moment later, he frowned and opened his eyes. Then with an indifferent expression, he shot through the skies towards a certain destination.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, he arrived at a small mountain. There was an old cultivator accompanied by a youth who were sitting cross-legged across from each other and were chatting. At that moment, an azure light flashed above their hands to reveal Han Li standing in the air.

The two were frightened by his sudden appearance, and they hastily stood up. The old man managed to preserve his calm, but the youth wore a face of alarm.

Han Li swept his sights past the two and saw that their cultivations weren’t very high. The old man was at the mid-Foundation Establishment stage while the youth was only at the sixth layer of Qi Condensation. It was unknown what they were doing so near the Myriad Link Mountains when their cultivations were so low.

At that moment, the old man used his spiritual sense to glance at Han Li only to discover that his cultivation was at an unfathomable realm. With alarm in his heart, he was just about to perform a deep bow as Han Li’s cold words echoed through the air, “There is no need to be alarmed. Can you point me in the direction of the nearest market city? That is all you need to do.” Han Li’s voice was filled with unquestionable authority.

When the old man heard this, he quickly replied in a respectful manner, “Head west about two hundred kilometers. There is a newly opened market city that Senior may take a look at.”

“Head west two hundred kilometers? I got it.” Then with a flash of azure light, Han Li disappeared without a trace.

The old man watched with amazement as the azure streak disappeared and turned into a speck of light across the sky and disappeared. The old man and the youth remained dumbstruck by the sight.


About two hundred kilometers west, there was an extremely crude temporary market city that had been created with stone formation techniques. There were very few cultivators wandering within.

Han Li didn’t pay this any mind and purchased a large number of materials from the stores before flying off towards the mountain range.

He walked over five kilometers deep into the mountain range as the miasma suddenly grew thicker. Soon, he arrived on top of a small, unremarkable mountain.

It was easy work for Han Li to open a new cave residence. With over ten flying swords cutting about, a small and simple residence was carved out of the mountain after only a short moment. After looking at the results, Han Li nodded with satisfaction and promptly placed two simple spell formations around it before entering the cave residence.

He first released Silvermoon and had her cultivate within the cave. He then released the Sovereign Devil Corpse and buried it in a dark room. Afterward, Han Li brought a large number of materials with him in a hidden room.

He sat at the center of the hidden room and took out the jade slip that the Monarch of Soul Divergence had given him before looking through the two Core Formation puppet refinement methods that it contained. These two types of puppets were the same size as the Foundation Establishment grade ape puppets that he had previously created, and they each had their own merits and drawbacks.

One of the puppets had the shape of a huge tortoise with a dense and rough exterior thatt could withstand over three blows from a Nascent Soul stage cultivator. Additionally, it attacked by spitting out balls of lightning flame, an attack on the level of a mid-Core Formation cultivator. However, its sole flaw was that it was incredibly slow and clumsy. If a cultivator were to attack it from close range, it would become an immobile target that wouldn’t be able to defend itself.

The other puppet design was that of a tiger, and the tortoise’s exact opposite. This puppet didn’t have any long range attacks, and its only defense was its swift and light movements. It had crystal claws that were six inches long and capable of easily shredding through the protective barriers of a common Core formation cultivator. It was completely dedicated to close quarters combat.

After looking through the puppets’ characteristics, Han Li decided to refine a few puppets from both designs. As such, he would be able to better deal with any situations that Devilfall Valley may place him in.

With that decided, Han Li immersed his spiritual sense into the jade slip and committed the refinement methods to memory. Afterwards, Han Li spent three entire days inside the hidden room while he sat cross-legged and didn’t move.

But on the fourth day, Han Li’s expression stirred and he pursed his lips before withdrawing his spiritual sense from the jade slip. He then pondered for a moment more, and with a flip of his hand, the jade slip disappeared in a flash of white light.

He flung out the storage pouch at his waist and countless tool refinement materials appeared on the floor with a flicker of white light: rare woods, metal essences, various colored gems, and jade boxes of all sizes.

A short moment later, these items were all gathered together in a large pile in front of Han Li before he recalled the storage pouch back to his waist. Afterwards, he swept his gaze past the materials in the pile.

His eyes dropped onto the jet-black ironwood, and with a deep breath, he pointed at it, summoning it towards him.

Chapter 803: Search

The door to Han Li’s hidden room wasn’t opened for several months. During this time, Silvermoon took note of what happened on the outside, preventing Han Li from missing his opportunity for entering Devilfall Valley.

With each passing day, the miasma grew thinner and the number of cultivators near the Myriad Link Mountains grew. Additionally, a majority of them were gathering in a certain part of Birch Leaf City as it was the closest city to Devilfall Valley.

All of the various cultivators who acquired a Devilfall Medallion were all present and many of them had made a temporary cave residence nearby as they waited.

The spell formation Han Li arranged outside of the cave residence wasn’t a top grade restriction. As such, there were many cultivators that had discovered Han Li’s cave residence and there were a few that even wished to pay him a visit. But regardless of the sound transmission talismans that had arrived at the restrictions outside his residence, none of them were given a reply.

Although there were a few cultivators that weren’t very pleased at the fact that the cave residence’s master didn’t wish to see any visitors, they were unable to do anything about it as they didn’t know who the owner of the residence was. There was a risk of creating a formidable enemy.

However, Han Li’s behavior of refusing guests was the exception, not the norm. There were countless cultivators who arrived here, both proud and arrogant, but in the most dangerous area of the Heavenly South, they all felt the need to be careful. As a result, they either formed small groups of around five or joined together with their friends to enter Devilfall Valley.