A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (Chapter 801-Chapter 1000)

Others in the area also began to move and burrow underground as well. In the blink of an eye, nearly half of the them all followed. As for those who remained, they were low-grade disciples that neither possessed earth movement techniques or earth movement treasures.

Over ten kilometers north and three kilometers deep, there was a huge pitch-black area with balls of brilliant light flashing about. Below them was a barrier of unfathomably thick white light. Not only that, but layers of astonishing lightning surrounded it. If anybody were to approach, they would be immediately struck down without the slightest warning.

Those that were lucky could dodge it, but otherwise, they would have their protections flicker out of control, forcing them to stay away for a time.

But what these cultivators were paying attention to was an area in the barrier where lightning wasn’t present, guarded by eight Sacred Poison disciples. They all wore solemn expressions and were standing in confrontation against the others, preventing them from approaching.

Those that were blocked were shouting a torrent of insults, but none dared to take action.

After all, the Sacred Poison Sect possessed a grand reputation in Nanjiang. As most of these cultivators were native to the region, they didn’t dare to rashly stir up trouble.

Of course, there were also those that had no fear of their reputation, and such an example had appeared in a streak of crimson.

“Get lost! I am going to enter.” The person who said this was an old man who spoke with an arrogant tone.

When they saw that a Nascent Soul cultivator had appeared, one of the disciples helplessly said, “Senior, our sect found this first. Our Martial Uncles are nearby, Senior should-”

The old man coldly laughed and said, “Even if Hua Tianqi was here, I would still enter.” He then raised his hand and a blinding red light lit up from his palm.