A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (Chapter 801-Chapter 1000)

A trace of astonishment appeared on Dongmen Tu’s face, but he soon turned his head around as if nothing had happened and walked into the spell formation. As for Wang Tiangu, he appeared greatly shocked upon seeing that Dongmen Tu was being accompanied by five other Nascent Soul cultivators.

As for Wei Wuya, he closely examined several of the green-robed cultivators and wore a pensive expression.

Staring at these five cultivators, Wang Tiansheng asked with a deep tone, “Brother Dongmen, these Fellow Daoists are quite unfamiliar. Could you introduce them to me?”

In his cunning, Dongmen Tu casually responded, “I’ll be happy to once the matter with Devilfall Valley is concluded.”

Wang Tiansheng inwardly cursed him, but he knew that Dongmen Tu wouldn’t tell the truth. Unwilling to let this drag on, he gave the order to his disciples to teleport the six Nascent Soul cultivators in two groups. In the instant that Dongmen Tu was teleported, he unconsciously glanced at Han Li with a malicious expression.

Although his action was well hidden, Han Li had clearly seen it with his spiritual sense. It appeared that Dongmen Tu was able to sense the Spirit Nascent inside his body. This would prove troublesome. With the Elemental Spirit Nascents following him, he had suddenly become a fearsome foe. It was a pity that the Wood Spirit Nascent still wasn’t fully assimilated. It seemed that Han Li would have to be much more careful after he entered the valley.

Soon after Dongmen Tu was teleported, another group of three appeared behind them. Han Li wore a wry smile upon seeing them. They were Senior Martial Brother Cheng and two other Nascent Soul cultivators that were nearing the end of their lifespan.

Han Li sighed and watched the three teleport into the valley. Afterward, his attention shifted to the high-grade spirit stone that sat at the center of the spell formation. It had already grown mostly lightless.

Han Li’s gaze flickered and without any further hesitation, he soared into the sky and flew over in a streak of azure light. He soon descended in front of the spell formation and tossed his Devilfall Medallion towards Wang Tiansheng.

Wei Wuya’s figure blurred and he appeared a hundred meters away from Han Li. “Fellow Daoist Han, you’ve also arrived. With your young age, your prospects are limitless. There should be no need for you brave such danger.”

Han Li calmly replied, “Many thanks for your kindness Brother Wei, but there is a reason I must enter Devilfall Valley.”

Wei Wuya frowned and stared at Han Li’s expression for a moment more before his expression grew sullen. “Since Fellow Daoist Han has decided, I won’t speak of the matter further. I just hope that our goals differ.” With that said, Wei Wuya blurred and reappeared back in his original position.

After seeing Wei Wuya speak to this youth with such a serious tone, how could Wang Tiansheng not know who Han Li was? With a calm expression, he examined Han Li with shock filling his heart.

He had heard of Han Li many years ago when Wang Chan had suffered a massive loss which allowed Han Li to escape back when they both only possessed Foundation Establishment stage cultivations. After the passage of time, he had reappeared in the Heavenly South Continent as a Nascent Soul cultivator. Additionally, the youth had once again developed a deep hatred towards Ghost Spirit Sect and escaped their grasp once more.

Several years had passed since the incident at the Moulan Plains, while his reputation soared and he displayed abilities that left other cultivators in awe, raising him to become an existence on par with the Three Great Heavenly South cultivators. When Wang Tiansheng heard about this, the matter was far from good, and he took Han Li’s name to heart. Now that Han Li had arrived before them, he wished to figure out who this person was.

Unfortunately for him, Han Li was already standing at the center of the spell formation with his eyes shut and a neutral expression, leaving no openings for anybody else to approach him.

This caused Wang Tiansheng’s heart to tremble and he was touched with a faint sense of trepidation. Regardless, he was able to wave his hand with a relaxed posture and the disciples in the air activated the formation, sending Han Li off in a series of hums.

After a chain of teleportations, Han Li felt a wave of uneasiness but he eventually recovered his bearings and began to examine his surroundings.

He found himself near a mostly collapsed stone cliff and was surrounded by overgrown grass that reached half a person tall. In the distance, he saw a chain of short, unbroken hills. There wasn’t a person to be seen. However, this wasn’t strange in the least as Devilfall Valley spanned hundreds of thousands of kilometers. If two people weren’t teleported together, it would be incredibly difficult to find them. When Han Li turned around to look around about him, he couldn’t help but wear an astonished expression.

Chapter 808: Death in the Valley

There was a depression not far behind Han Li. It was over three hundred meters wide and completely barren as if it wasn’t created naturally.

With a changed expression, Han Li released his spiritual sense and quickly searched a perimeter of fifteen kilometers around him. After discovering no trace of any other cultivators, he looked at the depression and slowly made his way towards it.

When Han Li arrived at the edge of the depression, he closely examined it and soon a trace of alarm appeared on his face. This wasn’t a depression, but a symmetrically round pit. The pit was filled with ash of an unknown depth and it was impossible to see through it.

Han Li stared at the large hole for a moment more with a pensive expression. He then formed an incantation gesture with his hands and swept up a thirty-meter-tall gale in front of him. “Go”. He uttered the command and waved his sleeve, as the gale swept the ash from the center of the pit.

The wind swept up the ash and rock everywhere it traveled. A moment later, the hole’s true appearance was revealed as a slab of dark-red volcanic rock that appeared incredibly smooth.

“This is...” At a glance, Han Li realized this was something formed from high-temperature fires, likely along with the formation of the hole. Shock appeared on his face as he further thought about the matter.

Could it be that something similar to a fireball created the hole? If he were to strike a stone surface with a fireball, something of a much smaller scale would be created. The result would pale in comparison to this, which would be over a hundred times larger that he could create. Could it be that the abilities of an ancient cultivator were so ferocious? As Han Li lost himself in thought, he eventually sighed and shook his head.

After some further thought, he believed the pit was more likely caused by some sort of fire-attribute ancient treasure. But even so, this demonstrated that ancient cultivator’s abilities were far greater than present cultivator’s.

Afterwards, Han Li slowly walked around the stone pit once more, but didn’t discover anything else notable about it. He then came to a stop and raised his head to the sky. As of current, it should be about noon, but there was no sun in the sky where he was teleported. Instead, it was replaced by an endless cloud of yellow haze that shined with dim light.

This didn’t come as a shock to Han Li since there was some sort of restriction that covered the entire sky. He reckoned that as of current, he wouldn’t be able to fly very high or else he would trigger the restriction.

Of course, Han Li still had to test his hypothesis. He took out a Gold Devouring Beetle from his storage pouch and tossed it into the air.

Han Li then raised his head and emotionlessly watched the beetle. When it had reached about a hundred and eighty meters in height, a blue lightning bolt suddenly appeared out of nowhere and struck the Gold Devouring Beetle. The insect promptly spun as it fell over twenty meters, but managed to unfold its wings and recover as if nothing had happened.