Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 3 (Chapter 15 - Chapter 21)

As time passed, Shangguan Bing’er could obviously feel that Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was improving by quite a large margin. Although it still could not be compared with hers, but he could definitely maintain his Physical boost for a much longer period of time now.

In truth, when Zhou Weiqing had initially Awakened his Heavenly Jewels, he had not actually reached the amount of Heavenly Energy of a normal level four Heavenly Jin Energy, but had just broken through to that stage only. After these two months of cultivation, the Heavenly Energy in his body was truly much more abundant.

As with the trip to Flying Hill City, Zhou Weiqing prepared food all the way for them. Although he occasionally chatted with Shangguan Bing’er, but as compared to previously he was acting like a different person. By the time the two of them had reached the military camp in ten days time, Shangguan Bing’er had found it a little weird and unnatural. Regardless of what you could say about Zhou Weiqing, he was the man who had taken her first time, the man who made her angry and yet happy at times, she naturally did observe some good to him unavoidably, and this transformation of Zhou Weiqing, she could not really say if it were good or bad.

Outside Heavenly Bow City, the Military Camp.

“Battalion Commander, you have returned.” Xiao Se looked at Shangguan Bing’er with a faint smile on his face, giving her a proper military salute.

Shangguan Bing’er and Zhou Weiqing had just returned to the military camp and changed into their military uniforms and she returned to her command tent. After leaving for nearly three months, she was eager to understand the conditions of the recruiting.

“Company Leader Xiao*, how is the situation of the new recruit barracks? It should be finishing soon right?”

Xiao Se shot a look at Zhou Weiqing who was standing behind Shangguan Bing’er and said: “The new recruit barracks will be completed in three days. You shouldn’t be asking me about the situation of the new recruit barracks, before you left, didn’t you leave Company Leader Mao Li in charge of this new group of recruits?”

Chapter 15 Zong Level Heavenly Beast Elemental Jewel Skill-Storing (3)

Shangguan Bing’er looked at him and said coldly: “Company Leader Xiao, do not forget that I am your boss.”

Xiao Se said mockingly: “A boss who was absent from post for two months without authorization? Battalion Commander, do not worry, I have already reported this to the military headquarters regarding the matter of you being absent without authorization. Three days later when the new recruits barracks are completed, if the new 3rd Battalion Recruits suffer a disastrous defeat in the Fresh Recruit Tournament, I’m afraid your position as Battalion Commander will likely come to an end. Heavenly Jewel Masters are truly genius talents, but that does not mean that you also have the talent or ability in commanding.”

As soon as he spoke these words, Xiao Se turned around and walked away unexpectedly, causing Shangguan Bing’er’s beautiful face to be angered into a pallid white.

Zhou Weiqing had been standing beside Shangguan Bing’ers, and as he saw Xiao Se was walking away, he took a step forward to pursue; he had long since disliked that handsome gigolo.

Shangguan Bing’er lifted her hand, catching hold of Zhou Weiqing’s arm, shaking her head at him.

Xiao Se vanished as he exited the command tent, and Zhou Weiqing could no longer resist and said: “Battalion Commander, why don’t you let me me teach him a lesson? What’s the matter with this Xiao Se?”

Shangguan Bing’er said with a solemn voice: “Company Leader Xiao is the only son of the Empire’s Finance Minister Marquis Xiao Yunchen, otherwise did you think I would endure him til now?”

When he heard Shangguan Bing’er’s words, Zhou Weiqing was also very surprised, “That can’t be? Marquis Xiao is called the God of Wealth of our Empire, it could be said that one of the main reasons why our Heavenly Bow Empire’s national strength can progress and improve, has a lot to do with him. How could he possibly have such an arrogant son?”

“You also know Marquis Xiao?” Shangguan Bing’er looked somewhat surprisedly at him.

Zhou Weiqing realized that he had somewhat made a mistake, and hurriedly tried to recover and said: “Many have said that our Heavenly Bow Empire is sustained in a big way by our two great officials, one against the outside world, and one governing the inside world. The one who holds the outside is Admiral Zhou, and the governing the inside isn’t it Marquis Xiao?”

Shangguan Bing’er nodded, then sighed lightly, saying: “Actually, I cannot blame Xiao Se for treating me like that. Before I came to the 3rd Battalion, the 3rd Battalion Commander position was vacant, and although he isn’t a Heavenly Jewel Master, but he is indeed a military genius with very capable commanding ability, and was the person who was most likely to succeed the Battalion Commander position, yet that position was actually snatched by me, that is why he feels so uncomfortable in his heart. Xiao Se’s elite 3rd Company is also the main trump card of our 3rd Battalion.”

Zhou Weiqing’s expression suddenly grew extremely strange, as he suddenly recalled some past events from his childhood.


“Bro Shuiniu , look at those two kids enjoying themselves play together. What a pity, your son is six years younger than my little daughter, otherwise, I will definitely snatch this son-in-law from his Majesty, hahaha.”

“Old Xiao, why do you trouble yourself with this? Weiqing this child is born with his meridian passages blocked, sigh… he is doomed to not have a great talent!”

“Old Zhou, is your brain damaged? As bros how can you say this to me? I’m telling you now very clearly, if in the future the Princess Her Highness and Weiqing are not good together, even if Ruse is older than your son, I will marry her to Weiqing!”


A 13-14 year old young girl was running in front, followed by a little boy whose nose was dripping with mucus.

“Zhou Weiqing, you little mucus monster, come quickly over here! Let’s go grab that birds nest.”

“Elder Sis Ruse, wait for me!!”


A young girl with a firm and resolute expression on her face was standing protectively before a little boy, facing them were another four to five young boys encircling them.

“I won’t allow you guys to bully him, who dares to bully him will be punched by me!”


“Papa, where did Elder Sis Ruse go? How come she doesn’t come to play with me anymore?”

“Your Elder Sis Ruse has gone to school. Little brat, starting today, your misery has come, from today onwards you will get up at 5am to go through special training, otherwise, your father* I will punch till your ass blossoms.”


“Little Fatty Zhou, what are you thinking about?” Shangguan Bing’er lifted her hand and waved it in front of Zhou Weiqing’s face, asking him puzzledly.

Zhou Weiqing awoke from his train of thought and quickly shook his head, saying: “Nothing, Battalion Commander. What was the Fresh Recruit Tournament that Company Leader Xiao mentioned earlier?”

Xiao Se… Xiao Ruse, those two names superimposed in his heart gradually, and the edges of Zhou Weiqing’s mouth edged up slightly, in the heart he was thinking: As far as I know, Uncle Xiao only has a daughter, Elder Sis Ruse, where did a son come from? Haha, they say that females go through a huge change at 18 years old, it seems like Elder Sis Ruse, you did not recognize me, and I also did not recognize you. You are pretending to be a man!

Shangguan Bing’er’s brow furrowed as she said: “”We are talking about the Fresh Recruit Tournament, why are you smiling so slyly?”