Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 3 (Chapter 15 - Chapter 21)

The Kalise Empire Camp and the Heavenly Bow Empire camps were actually rather similar; with Heavy Infantry being 10 men to a tent, while the light infantry were 30 people to a tent. Zhou Weiqing did not have any particular fixed target, and after some careful observation, he found a target to lock on.

He had after all just joined the army not long ago, and he was not very familiar with the situation in military camps. Furthermore, due to the limitation on the amount of Heavenly Energy he had, he only had one chance to strike before he had to withdraw. After all, he had to retain enough Heavenly Energy to beat a retreat. As such, his choice of target was one of the largest tents. That tent was actually almost a whole kilometer away from the watchtower he was in, but it was brilliantly illuminated and was actually being patrolled by an entire company of soldiers, and was obviously a very important place.

That’s it. Zhou Weiqing lifted his right hand, and the sole Icy Jade Physical Jewel around his right wrist shone forth brightly, as he released his Overlord Bow quickly. At the same time, the attribute wheel in his eye revolved to the blue region, and immediately above his left hand sparked out a rich electrical light.

Amongst all of Zhou Weiqing’s Stored Skills, among the six attributes, he only had a single attack skill, and it was of the lightning attribute…