Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 3 (Chapter 15 - Chapter 21)

Shangguan Bing’er said in surprise: “You want to ……”

Zhou Weiqing grinned: “I will just consider it as an experience to see a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast for now, which will be good for me as well. I will return the money to you in the future.”

Shangguan Bing’er went silent for a moment, before fishing out a red card from her bosom and passed it to Zhou Weiqing. “This contains 50,000 gold coins. You go and try. Regardless of success or failure, this card will be sufficient for you to try five times, in the future you can just return me 50,000 gold coins directly. Do you need me me to wait for you?”

“No, it is okay. Battalion Commander, you should just go back to continue with your Consolidating Equipment.” Zhou Weiqing knew that that was a Gold Coins Storage Card, and the red card denoted an upper limit of 50,000 gold coins. He did not say anything further, and after receiving the card he walked towards the entrance which led to the wind attribute enclosure.

Chapter 15 Zong Level Heavenly Beast Elemental Jewel Skill-Storing (2)

“Be careful, you must definitely not break the seal on the Heavenly Beast, a Heavenly Beast is much stronger than a Heavenly Jewel Master of the same rank.” Shangguan Bing’er herself felt a little weird that she had said those words to Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing turned his head to smile to her, giving her a self-confident hand signal, before walking through the entrance.

Looking at his departing figure, Shangguan Bing’er’s brow furrowed slightly. What happened to this Little Fatty Zhou today? Previously, he had seized every opportunity to take advantage of her with his words, continuously testing her limits, but today it was as if he was totally someone different, and was almost as simple and honest as he looked.

Little did she know that Zhou Weiqing was pinching his face uncomfortably after entering the entrance; he had been suppressing himself the whole morning not trash talking, and it had been a laborious endeavour.

“Hmm.. it looks like there is some effect! It looks like that perverted old man’s words indeed bear some truth. To let my beautiful lady Battalion Commander accept me, my old method is not good.”

As he proceeded down the tunnel, Zhou Weiqing could feel that it was inclining downwards as he moved further along, and after going ahead about 200 meters, it started to curve around, and after several twists and turns, he finally reached an open hall.

The hall was not decorated, and once again three entrances presented themselves before Zhou Weiqing. above them were inscribed three large characters respectively – Shi, Zun, Zong.

At the side there was a table where an old man sat, wearing the robe of a Shi Level Heavenly Jewel Master, though he did not have the rank symbol on his robe. At this time, perhaps because it was rather early, there weren’t any other people around.

“Payment.” The old man said indifferently to Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing walked forward and passed the Red Gold Coins Storage Card that he had gotten from Shangguan Bing’er to the old man, saying: “Senior, I want to enter the Zong Stage Wind attribute Skill Storing Enclosure.”

“Zong Stage?” The old man paused in surprise, sizing up Zhou Weiqing with appraising eyes.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Actually, I just want to get an experience of what a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast looks and feels like, I have heard that a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast is extremely strong.”

The old man said coolly: “It is up to you, as long as you pay up, you can do as you wish.” As he said that, he took out a spatial attribute equipment which was specially made for swiping the Gold Coin Storage Cards and recording. He quickly swiped out 10,000 gold coins, as if fearing that Zhou Weiqing would change his mind. When he returned the Gold Coin Storage Cards, he also passed along a small round token.

“You will have to come out in four hours time, when you are carrying out your Skill-Storing, you just need to place your hand on top of the Heavenly Beast’s head. Go on ahead.”

“Thanks Senior.”

The old man continued looking at Zhou Weiqing after he entered the Zong Stage Wind Attribute Heavenly Beast’s enclosure, before giving a humph of disdain, “Yet another overreaching youngster, I wonder if that dumb kid is just trying his luck, or is he another black sheep of some rich family.”

In less than an hour, the old man who was just about to take a nap, noticed Zhou Weiqing walking out hurriedly from the Zong Stage Heavenly Beast’s enclosure, his face full of dejection.

Zhou Weiqing returned the small round token to the old man and sighed, saying: “Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts are just too terrifying already.”

The old men gave another cold humph, saying: “Young men like you should not overreach yourselves, next time just enter the Shi Stage enclosure, you will have a much higher chance of success. 10,000 gold coins per try on the Zong Stage enclosure… at your age, even if your father is the crown prince, he also will not be able to support your Skill-Storing attempts.”

“Yes, yes, you are right in your teachings.” Zhou Weiqing said timidly and agreed, before turning around and fleeing the scene.

As he walked away back into the tunnel exiting, the look on his face suddenly changed, his face now full of self-satisfaction, and he flailed his fist vigorously in a victory pump.

Over the next few days, Zhou Weiqing went to the Skill-Storing Palace once a day, and each time he entered a different tunnel, with only the final two days the same. On the other hand, Shangguan Bing’er barely left her room, as she worked hard on Consolidating her Wind Wielding Boots Scroll.

Five days later, after Zhou Weiqing had finished spending all the gold coins from the Gold Coin Storage Card that Shangguan Bing’er lent him, and he stayed in the room to cultivate Heavenly Energy silently, as if all of that had not happened.

The time that Shangguan Bing’er spent on her Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipment had fully proven to Zhou Weiqing the difficulty of it, taking two entire months, 61 days, before she finally completed Consolidating her Wind Wielding Boots.

The new barracks was also about to finish shortly, and as a Battalion Commander, naturally Shangguan Bing’er needed to hurry back as soon as possible. As such, they both said goodbye to Feng Yu and Huyan Aobo before leaving Flying Hill City to head back towards Heavenly Bow Empire.

“Little Fatty Zhou, I did not have time to ask you previously, was your Skill-Storing successful?” Shangguan Bing’er asked Zhou Weiqing as they made their way.

For the past two months, besides meal times where they occasionally spoke a few words, they almost had no communication between them, and staying in Huyan Aobo’s little courtyard, she did not want to ask Zhou Weiqing clearly about his Skill-Storing. What made her feel very strange was that Zhou Weiqing actually seemed to turn into a proper Personal Aide; since that day when they went to the Skill-Storing Palace together for the second time, he had not spoken any trash talk to her since.

“It’s a secret okay? Battalion Commander, didn’t you say previously? The Elemental Jewel Skill is most important secret of a Heavenly Jewel Master.” Zhou Weiqing said mysteriously.

Shangguan Bing’er said in surprise: “You really succeeded?”

Zhou Weiqing said with a faint smile: “You will know in the future.”

“Hmph, if you do not want to say then forget it.” Shangguan Bing’er turned around and ignored him, continuing to hurry along.