Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 1-Chapter 100)

Li Qingshan punched the cliff heavily and knelt on the ground.

He had arrived here after so many trials and hardships, yet he was unable to take another step forward. The Ice Sword cliff really was like a gigantic sword, severing all of his hope.

I refuse!

The Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression circulated through his body madly. Almost like a miracle, his feet actually turned back. Although they were larger than ordinary feet, and the toenails were long and sharp, they were truly a pair of feet, not claws.

Originally, he could only recover his human form after reaching the first layer, but he had used willpower alone to forcefully change his feet back.

Xuanyue said in surprise, “Impressive!”

Li Qingshan was in no mood to celebrate. He leapt onto the cliff face. “Let’s go!”

In the snowstorm, Li Qingshan carried Xuanyue on his back, climbing up step by step. His sharp claws locked firmly onto the ice.

The coldness constantly permeated his body, freezing his bones. He was unable to see the sky, nor was he able to see the ground. It was as if only the two of them were left in the world, working bitterly.

“So what’s great about the Dragon province? Is the Nine-tailed Fox Empress beautiful? Even more beautiful than the Dark Queen?” Li Qingshan said endlessly. He, who had constantly wanted Xuanyue to shut up, now actually chattered on and on, as he needed to do everything he could to stay awake. He needed to avoid being overwhelmed by the cold, to avoid collapsing from despair.

This was because Xuanyue’s body gradually grew colder. She gradually fell silent. She closed her eyes, hanging onto Li Qingshan’s back, trying to make conversation. “Of course… they’re beautiful…”

Her voice might have been just too weak, causing the snowstorm to drown it out.

“Hold on. I will definitely, definitely take you to the Dragon province,” Li Qingshan said constantly.

“I still haven’t heard you call me master, have I?”