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A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (Chapter 201-Chapter 400)
Author:Wang Yu

A series of loud “hong hong” sounds spread out; when these columns had just reached near the demonic beast’s body, they were forcibly blocked by the faint black fog that shrouded its body. Fierce bursting sounds rang out.

“Continue to attack, the Inky Flood Dragon’s protective fog can’t hold on much longer!” The young woman commanded hastily, her eyes sharp. At the same time, she continued to push the red flaming technique on the Vermillion Bird Band, causing the flames surrounding the demonic beast to become even more vigorous.

Under the string of commands from the young woman, the Masked Moon Sect disciples incessantly shot out individual columns of red and blue light, hitting the demonic beast’s body. Although they had yet to break through that layer of black fog, they had already caused that demonic beast to howl and go crazy; it bared its teeth and viciously shook the two halves of its body that were able to move, furiously trying to break free from the ring’s grasp. However, its struggle was futile; under the young woman’s all-out efforts to restrict it, the round ring was fixed in midair, not moving even a little, thoroughly locking down its body.

Watching from the side, Han Li was struck with fright; he had never seen the spectacle of a group of cultivators this large battling a common enemy. Even more, the appearance of the magic treasure and fact that the opponent was a demonic beast that wasn’t weak was a big eye-opener for him.

However, Han Li also decided that whether the demonic beast beat its enemies or the Masked Moon Sect people killed the demonic beast, he would quietly sneak away after the big battle. This was not the time to casually expose his own tracks!


Just as Han Li was entertaining all sorts of ideas in his head, the Inky Flood Dragon suddenly let out a long cry, its sound numerous times louder than before; at the same time, its scream was filled with pain.

Han Li was started and immediately fixed his gaze there.

He saw that the black fog on the demonic beast had already completely dissipated, and a bowl-opening-wide bloody hole had appeared on the area of its body covered by the huge scales. Evidently, it had been hurt by the red and blue columns of light. The agony also caused the demonic beast’s struggling to become even more crazy!

'It seems that the people from the Masked Moon Sect are of a higher skill level!' Han Li couldn’t help but think after seeing this.

“Not good! Everyone, be careful! I can’t contain this Inky Flood Dragon any longer!”

Han Li was stunned when he heard the young woman. It was difficult to tell who the winner would be!

Chapter 206: Accident

The young woman’s words startled the Masked Moon Disciples. From their experiences in the past two days, so long as the top grade demonic beasts had been bound by their Martial Ancestor, they would be bound for quite a while. How was this demonic beast able to escape so quickly?

Although their hearts were filled with doubt, they did not dare to ignore the young woman’s warning, and they immediately became extremely cautious; of course, the attack of the red and blue columns of light from their hands became even more fierce. In the time it takes to roll one’s eyes, ten or so more bloody holes appeared on the Inky Flood Dragon’s body. The fresh, red flood dragon blood stained a large part of the swamp below it red.

Of course, this enraged the flood dragon even more; it opened its mouth and let out a piercing, endless howl, causing the entire underground area to quake and drone. This caused all of the people there to be hit by a sudden bout of dizziness as everything seemed to spin.

With a “rip”, a strange tearing sound rang out in midair! When everybody regained consciousness and focused on taking a look, their expressions drastically changed.

The band was still floating in midair unmoving; however, the Inky Flood Dragon demonic beast within it had disappeared into thin air, leaving behind its tattered skin which hung on top of the band and fluttered incessantly. This demonic beast had actually shed its skin and escaped!

Not only were the Masked Moon Sect disciples surprised, but even the young woman, when she saw the scene in front of her, was extremely stunned!

When she had yelled at her sect’s disciples to be careful, it wasn’t because she had expected this flood dragon to shed its skin.

The Inky Flood Dragon’s escaping power was too great; her magic strength truly was not enough to continue to contain it. Having experienced the restrictive power of the Vermillion Bird Band, the demonic beast should have also known this. So why would it make a move that hurt so much of its vitality? Could it be……!

The young woman’s heart moved, and she thought of a frightening reason. Her face was painted completely white, and she hurriedly searched everywhere for the Inky Flood Dragon, wanting to verify her own extremely terrible guess!

“It’s over there!”

A sharp-eyed Masked Moon Sect disciple was the first to discover the demonic beast incessantly swimming around near the topmost part of the underground area; at this time, it had a completely new look, its form very different from how it was before.

Its black body had become snow white, without scales, and its originally 30-40 foot long body had increased to 50-60 feet, and it also widened significantly; only faint scars remained where it had been injured, so faint that it was almost invisible. The most shocking thing was that the triangular snake body had grown a inch-long, jet black sharp horns, a faint light shining through it. Its midsection had also grown an extra pair of incomparably sharp white claws. This demonic beast had actually turned from a snake into a flood dragon, and its form had become exactly the same as the legendary flood dragon.

Seeing this form of the Inky Flood Dragon, the people from the Masked Moon Sect were naturally extremely shocked. However, before they were able to make any moves, the young woman standing at the very front gave out an order with an ashen face that caused them to feel very stunned.

“Everyone immediately retreat, the Inky Flood Dragon has already reached grade two! Its strength is far above Core Formation cultivators; all of us combined are not its opponent. Immediately escape this area, I can delay it for a short while.”

After the young woman said this solemnly, she immediately waved her hand, causing that Vermillion Bird Band to return in front of her. She then assumed a completely defensive posture.

When the male and female disciples behind her heard this, they started to hesitate somewhat; although that Inky Flood Dragon had shed its skin and its appearance had drastically changed, they were just inflicting heavy wounds on it. It was hard for them to believe that the strength of this demonic beast, could become vastly different in the blink of an eye.

But in the moment that they hesitated, it was enough for them to regret it for life! This was because the white Inky Flood Dragon suddenly moved its body and rushed like lightning towards the space above all of the Masked Moon Sect people; then, it opened its mouth wide, and an endless torrent of purple liquid spurted out of its mouth.

“Quickly hide, you can’t receive it!”

The young woman hurriedly yelled out, her expression one of anxiety; at the same time, the Vermillion Bird Band immediately increased multiple times in size, and it flew out and blocked the greater half of the purple liquid.

Hearing this, some of the more quick-witted disciples, either immediately turned around and slipped into the azure stone tunnel or advanced a few steps and hid within the cover of the band magic treasure. The remaining five or six disciples, however, were confident in the strength of their magic tools; not only did they not hide, but they actually released one or two shiny objects, protecting their own foreheads. It seemed as if they decided to face it head-on!