A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (Chapter 201-Chapter 400)

“Stop speaking nonsense! Let’s try and see if we can open up this tunnel and rescue the Southern Palace Martial Ancestor!” snapped a somewhat aged male disciple.

This sentence’s utterance immediately reminded the Masked Moon Sect disciples; they hurriedly pulled out various colorful magic tools and surrounded the area that was originally the tunnel entrance, incessantly slamming them down, trying to break through the restrictions and save the young woman.

After a few hours, in the underground world a few hundreds of feet below, the young woman opened her eyes wide and gazed in disbelief at the person who had suddenly appeared. With a hand gesture, this person sent out seven golden blades to attack the Inky Flood Dragon while the other hand released a black iron shield, blocking the spitting attack of the Inky Flood Dragon and preventing it from reaching the two people.

This person was the Yellow Maple Valley fellow that she had once seen and felt he was somewhat interesting. This person, when her magic power had been depleted from flying around and avoiding the attacks of the Inky Flood Dragon for those few hours, had suddenly appeared from an unknown location, saving her when she was in critical danger.

At the same time that Han Li was barely parrying the attacks of the Inky Flood Dragon, he glanced quickly at the young woman’s completely surprised face and bitterly laughed in his heart.

Originally, Han Li was leisurely watching the entertaining battle between the Masked Moon Sect and the Inky Flood Dragon. In fact, after the Inky Flood Dragon had evolved and leveled up, apart from being very stunned, he did not feel panicked at all. However, when the young woman had wanted to retreat and after the azure stone tunnel’s entrance had suddenly disappeared, Han Li could not continue to sit there idly.

Wasn’t the disappearance of the tunnel entrance implying that no matter whether it was the young woman or the demonic beast, he would be unable to leave regardless of who was left! This caused Han Li to begin to panic.

At this time, the Inky Flood Dragon that had escaped and the young woman began to fight again; obviously, this Masked Moon Sect Martial Ancestor was completely at a disadvantage.

Even if she continued to coax the band into attacking the Inky flood Dragon, the defensive ability of the demonic beast with new skin had reached the point where it was unbelievably strong. Regardless of whether she used the band that spurted out fierce flames to incinerate the Flood Dragon or directly used the body of the magic treasure to attack, she was unable to inflict any serious wounds to it. At most, she would bruise or burn a small section of its body, causing this beast to become even more berserk. Its chase of the young woman also became more frantic, even forcing the young woman into desperate situations numerous times.

However, this Masked Moon Sect Martial Ancestor carried many intermediate talismans on her, which caused Han Li to gain a significant amount of enlightenment. Rarely seen talismans like the “Fleeing Earth Talisman”, “Water Prison Talisman”, “Firebird Talisman”, etc. were used in a row and were each clearly seen once by Han Li.

Whenever the young woman was about to be injured by the demonic beast, she would throw one out, immediately resulting in strange effects that turned peril into safety. Unfortunately, the young woman obviously did not have any talismans with great destructive power, so every time she could only barely preserve herself. It seemed like relying on talismans to injure the Inky Flood Dragon would not be possible!

The struggle inside of Han Li’s heart became even more fierce upon seeing this young woman being thrown into a panic by the Inky Flood Dragon,

If the tunnel was still intact like before, Han Li naturally would not be concerned with the survival of this Martial Ancestor of the Masked Moon Sect; however, having seen the tunnel mysteriously disappear, this place had become a dangerous location, and Han Li’s mentality naturally would be greatly different from before.

In addition, he had heard the Masked Moon Sect Martial Ancestor call out some “Small Five Elements Xumi Forbidden Technique” with his own ears, as if she was very clear as to what had caused the disappearance of the tunnel. Thus, the hope of escaping from this place still had to lie with this woman. He knew nothing about forbidden techniques and the like, so this young female “expert” absolutely could not die right now!

However, Han Li also refrained from moving rashly, fearing that the young woman would have some kind of lethal last resort. Thus, it wasn’t until the young woman had exhausted her energy and threw out all kinds of talismans, reached her wits end, and her face revealed an expression of hopelessness, that Han Li made a move to save this young woman.

The young woman, apart from rejoicing at Han Li’s sudden appearance, felt somewhat upset! She had seen, exceptionally clearly, Han Li’s intention to allow the battle with the Inky Flood Dragon to proceed to this point.

However, no matter what, dealing with the increasingly ferocious Inky Flood Dragon was the most pressing matter, so after the young woman had rested for a moment, she wordlessly began to coax her magic treasure to attack.

When Han Li brushed with the Inky Flood Dragon, he began to quietly complain. When he had been watching the young woman battle with this beast, he had not seen at all that this demonic beast was so strong. It wasn’t until now, when he had personally taken the stage, that he experienced the Inky Flood Dragon’s terror.

His “Gold Beetle Swarm Mother Blade” could be considered to be a premium product even among top grade magic tools, but when those streaks of golden light got close to the Inky Flood Dragon, they were carelessly swatted away by its two claws and its tail, immediately flying backwards roughly a hundred feet away. They had no strength to hold their own at all.

Even if Han Li relied on quantity, using a few golden blades at one time was enough for one or two golden blades to stab the Inky Flood Dragon’s body as a fluke, but apart from leaving a white mark, there was no other effect, leaving Han Li completely silent.

In addition, Han Li didn’t dare to be sloppy against the Inky Flood Dragon’s attacks. Not to mention allowing the opponent’s claws or tail to come into contact with him, Han Li would even use the iron shield to block every drop of the black water that the opponent occasionally spit out.

Just like that, this magic tool that had saved Han Li numerous times was also corroded by the unremarkable black water, forming many holes. One truly did not know how much longer it would be able to last.

If the strength of this black water was already this frightening, wouldn’t that even more ruthless purple liquid be even more unreasonable! No wonder those Masked Moon Sect disciples had died so straightforwardly; magic tools were of absolutely no use!

The more Han Li fought with the Inky Flood Dragon, the more apprehensive he became; he virtually completely relied on his movement techniques to dodge the demonic beast’s fierce attacks. Those golden blades simply could not block the opponent at all.

No wonder the young woman had told her sect’s disciples to immediately leave this area! Apart from people with outstanding movement techniques like himself, Han Li really could not find many Qi Condensation disciples who could deal with this demonic beast even for one moment.

It was at this time that the young woman’s Vermillion Bird Band came up, instantly decreasing the pressure on Han Li by a great amount. After all, this band magic treasure was still able to create some pain for the Inky Flood Dragon, causing it to be somewhat wary of it.