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Fallen Academy: Year One
Author:Leia Stone

He chuckled. “That’s all you care about right now?”

Priorities. I needed to know if I’d be spending the next three years of schooling with that demon. I nodded, and took a sip of cranberry juice.

He sighed. “She did. One of her girls has a nasty acid burn on her back, but they passed.”

Dammit. That wench.

I growled. “So what now? Fallen Army?” I wasn’t sure what joining entailed.

He smirked, and leaned in closer, leveling me with a sinister gaze. “Boot camp over the summer. Run by yours truly, Drill Sergeant Lincoln Grey.”

I dropped my spoon into my bowl.

“Oh shit.”

To be continued…

I hope you loved the first year of Fallen Academy. You can get the next installment here.

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