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Carnage Island (Reject Island)
Author:Lexi C. Foss

The center of our lives.

The core of our existence.

Tieran’s mother just stole Serena from me, Volt informs us, making Clove smile.

My mother is obsessed with the newborn. So I’m not really surprised by the news.

Clove turns her smile up my way, her chin resting on my chest. “Well, if she’s offering to babysit…” Her gaze twinkles. “Do you want to go for a run?”

I arch a brow. “A run or a chase?”

She bats her long lashes at me. “Catch me and find out.” She spins out of my arms and rips her dress off over her head, revealing nothing underneath.

I’m too hypnotized by the view to focus on my jeans.

It’s not until she’s in wolf form that I start undressing.

I hope you’re both in the mood for a little game of hide and seek, I tell Caius and Volt as I shift into my wolf. Because it seems our mate wants to play.

Mmm, Volt hums in reply. She hides.

We seek, Caius replies.

I grin. And then… we bite.

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