Legend of the Great Sage (Chapter 301-Chapter 400)

Chu Tian said, “The location will obviously be the Main Martial Arts stadium on Great War island. The wager will be a thousand, no, two thousand spiritual stones. The time- the time will be in three month’s time.”

He was tempted to teach Li Qingshan a vicious lesson right now, but he felt uneasy for some reason, which was why he pushed it back by three months. After joining the school of Confucianism, Liu Zhangqing had personally passed him the Great Palm of the Five Elements. He could practise five kinds of true qi simultaneously, giving him tremendous power. Three months were sufficient for him to attain a basic mastery of it.

By then, let alone the sixth layer, even Qi Practitioners of the ninth or tenth layer would be a piece of cake to deal with. And, Li Qingshan would definitely improve slowly in the school of Novels, so as time went on, victory would be certain for him even without using “that”. He could not help but feel slightly proud over his own cleverness, but he began to worry that Li Qingshan would turn him down.

“Alright. Then in three months’ time it is.” Li Qingshan agreed happily. What he lacked right now the most was time. Three months were enough for him to digest most of the pills in his hundred treasures pouch, and it was enough to push his strength as a daemon and human to a new level. Chu Tian gave him exactly what he wanted.

Just like that, they agreed on their gamble, and Li Qingshan turned around and left.

“Hey, Li Qingshan.”

Hua Chenglu rushed over and grumbled. “You won’t even greet me when you see me. So much for going through thick and thin together in the past.”

Yu Zijian said, “Big brother Li.”

Chu Tian saw how another two beautiful women gathered around Li Qingshan, which only made him even more jealous.

Hua Chenglu communicated with Li Qingshan. “You mustn’t fight him. You won’t be able to win!”

“How come?”

“He’s a Reincarnated Celestial!”

Chapter 303: Refining the Cursive Sword Calligraphy (One) | Legend of the Great Sage

This was the first time that Li Qingshan had heard of that phrase. He laid out his hands. “I’ve already agreed to him anyway, so who cares if he’s a…”

“Shh. Fights in the academy aren’t that simple to organise.” Hua Chenglu shushed him.

Li Qingshan saw how many people were looking over. He said gently, “Here’s not a place to speak. I have friends who are going to the Hundred Flavours restaurant with me. Do you want to come along?”

“I’ve only heard about it from my elder brother too. The school of Legalism has a gathering tonight, so I won’t be able to go along. Anyway, just be careful.”

Hao Pingyang said, “Isn’t that the younger sister of commander Hua? I never thought you’d be so familiar with the Hua family.”

“They’re all pretty nice people.”

Zhang Lanqing asked worriedly, “Are you really going to fight Chu Tian?”

“Haha, that kid is begging for a death sentence.” Hao Pingyang was completely confident in Li Qingshan. Back then, he had already been extremely impressive when he was just at the second layer, so was he supposed to be afraid of a kid at the same level of cultivation as him now that he was at the sixth layer?

Li Qingshan smiled. “Let’s go and get some grub.” Though, he did take a note of the two words, Reincarnated Celestial.

In the Hundred Flavours restaurant, they gazed at the sparkling lake under the setting sun and drank until they were tipsy. The sun had already set now. Li Qingshan returned to the Cloudwisp island.

Liu Chuanfeng was currently biting the end of his brush in deep thought. There was a single light on the table that shone brightly, illuminating the entire room.

“You’re going to fight someone?”

Li Qingshan took off his shoes before the porch and sat down before the table. “Yep. Let me take a look at how you’ve been going.”

Liu Chuanfeng was currently preparing for his new novels. Of course, it would not have anymore sexual content, so it was suitable for distribution through the various channels.

“I’ve just begun. Sigh, what’s so good about fighting? You might as well just stay home and write novels instead.” Liu Chuanfeng snatched back his draft in a hurry.

“There are two thousand spiritual stones if I win.”

“Go get him!”

“Oh right, do you know what a Reincarnated Celestial is?”

Liu Chuanfeng asked, “What’re you asking that for?”

“That Chu Tian seems to be a Reincarnated Celestial.” Li Qingshan took out a piece of pine wood and channeled true qi into it, continuing with his practise of forging artifacts.

“What! You can’t accept his challenge then!”


“You know how there’s no limit to the universe, right? How there are worlds outside of this world. So-called Celestials are basically people from beyond this world, who pass away due to various reasons. However, their spirits linger, and they reincarnate here. They’re peculiar from the moment they’re born, with extraordinary appearances and tremendous fortune. And, once they awaken their innate knowledge, they’ll become even more powerful.”

“A Reincarnated Celestial. No wonder then,” Li Qingshan muttered in thought. He had seen many Qi Practitioners in the past, whether they were friends or foes, but it was truly his first time meeting someone like Chu Tian.

With Chu Tian’s mental fortitude and intelligence, it was a miracle that he could reach the sixth layer at such a young age. As it turned out, he was the same as him. They were both transmigrators. With how vast the world was, there were countless people with strange, fortuitous encounters, not just him. As a matter of fact, the worlds beyond these worlds were not even exclusive to him.

Liu Chuanfeng said, “You don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself either. When the disciples of two schools want to fight, the permissions of both school leaders is required. It’ll be fine as long as I vehemently refuse.”

“No, you will agree to it.” Li Qingshan crushed the piece of wood in his hand.


“Don’t worry, I’ll win!” Li Qingshan took out another piece of pine wood. He refused to believe that he would be defeated by an idiot, even if he was some Reincarnated Celestial.

However, he would not be careless either. Increasing his cultivation as a Qi Practitioner would obviously be his main priority, and he had a trump card too.

Liu Chuanfeng no longer tried to convince him otherwise. He just agreed to it before talking with him a little more. Li Qingshan borrowed Liu Chuanfeng’s waist tablet and entered the cultivation formation. The faint light illuminated his surroundings.

He took out the supreme grade Cursive Sword Calligraphy from his hundred treasures pouch. This was the strongest trump card in his possession in human form. The supreme grade Cursive Sword Calligraphy had already been terrifyingly powerful before he had even condensed a sea of qi, enough to threaten ninth layer Qi Practitioners.

Now, he had condensed a sea of qi, which was a critical moment of development to Qi Practitioners. The true qi within his body was no less than ten times more powerful than the past. If he could truly refine this spiritual artifact, he truly believed that there would no longer be any Qi Practitioners that could resist a “gentle strike” of his.

TL: A reference to Gulong’s wuxia novel, Juedai Shuangjiao. It’s the same as the one in chapter 297.

By then, regardless of what trump cards Chu Tian possessed, all he had to do was unleash the Cursive Sword Calligraphy, and he could show him what was what.

Originally, he would never show anyone the supreme grade Cursive Sword Calligraphy. It would be no different from a child playing around in the busy streets while holding a handful of gold.