Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 7 (Chapter 208-Chapter 258)

“Weiqing, how are you. It’s been a long time.” Ye Paopao forced a smile. At last, he gathered his spirits and greeted Zhou Weiqing.

“Ye Paopao, he hurt Ah Dou, and Xuan’er. You must take revenge for us!” One of the youths sidled up, saying angrily towards Ye Paopao.

Ye Paopao swept a cold gaze over him, before saying quietly: “Shut up. Take Xuan’er and get lost. Wait for me outside.”

“Ye Paopao, you aren’t so afraid of things right.” The youth said vexedly.

All of a sudden, Ye Paopao just gave him a backhand slap, sending him flying, fixing his crashed form with a cold gaze. This time, no one else dared say anything else, and even Xuan’er stood up quietly, glaring savagely at Zhou Weiqing before leaving gloomily with the other youths.

Ye Paopao looked at Zhou Weiqing with an embarrassed expression. “Weiqing, my apologies, they are just too young, arrogant and willful.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, saying: “They did not do anything to that they have to apologize about, just a bunch of kids. On the other hand, if I did not remember wrongly, you were the one who actually let me down right…”

Ye Paopao gave a bitter smile, saying: “Yes… yes I let you down indeed. All these years, I have lived in regret. I have also always been running away from the truth, avoiding the past. Now that I have seen you today again, I know that I can no longer run away. Do it then, no matter how you deal with me, I accept it. Although I had my own reasons for doing it at that time, it is true that I betrayed you… that I let you down.”

Looking at Ye Paopao’s sorrowful face, Zhou Weiqing gave a cold smirk. Waving at him, he said: “Go, get lost. Killing you will only dirty my hands. I am too lazy to talk about the past, I can only blame my own eyes for being blind.”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqing turned back to his own table.

Indeed, when he had been betrayed, he had once been filled with hate and anger against Ye Paopao. At that time, if not for the fact he had just barely been strong enough, perhaps he would have died at the Fei Li Empire, died in the hands of his so-called allies.

However, so much time had passed, and just too many things had happened to him since. Especially since he had gained so much more in the ZhongTian Empire, meeting all his Peerless Regiment brothers. Perhaps, if not for Ye Paopao’s betrayal and actions, he would not have what he has today. As such, a lot of the hate towards Ye Paopao had vanished. He had never been a person to dwell on hatred, always preferring to look towards the future. In his heart, Ye Paopao was no longer of any importance at all, just a mere past guest that had once been in his life briefly.

Zen: The title of this chapter is (Meeting Ye Paopao again!)

Chapter 209 Ascending Heavenly Jewel! (1)

Ye Paopao had thought of many possible reactions Zhou Weiqing would have when they met again. However, he had never in his wildest dreams imagined that Zhou Weiqing would actually just let him go like that. For a moment, he stood there, stunned and speechless.

“Do you still need me to send you off?” Zhou Weiqing glanced at him coldly.

Only then did Ye Paopao come to his senses. Gritting his teeth, a complex light in his eyes, he finally gave a long sigh, bowing deeply to Zhou Weiqing before turning to leave. The knot in his heart that had been there for years had finally come loose, but it didn’t make him feel any better. Alas, there was no such thing as medicine for regret in this world. So, no matter how gloomy he felt, there was nothing he could do to change things that he had already done.

Ye Paopao left, and Ma Qun couldn’t help but say: “Boss, that fellow betrayed you in the past, and you just let him go like that?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “It isn’t about letting him go or not. In my eyes, he is no longer anyone important. It is pointless to make a fuss over people like him. Furthermore, killing him is of no benefit to us. After all, we are currently still allies with the Fei Li Empire. Alright, go back and eat, see if eating more can’t keep your mouth shut?”

Ye Paopao walked out of the inn, still in a distracted and dazed state. Ye Xuan’er and the others were already waiting for him outside, and as soon as they spotted him, they gathered around him quickly.

Ye Xuan’er’s eyes were filled with anger. “Brother, why? What abilities does that fellow have that you are actually so scared of him? Are you still a man?”

Ye Paopao glanced at her coldly. “Do you know who he is? If I hadn’t come back in time, you would already be dead in there. All of you. I had just gone out for a while, and you all caused so much trouble. If you all continue on like this, we don’t even have to speak about entering the Heavenly Jewel Tournament finals, I’m afraid we can’t even get past the preliminary rounds.”

The anger in Ye Xuan’er’s eyes did not lessen due to Ye Paopao’s words. “Brother, have you forgotten the honour of our Family?”

Ye Paopao’s gaze suddenly froze. All of a sudden, he slapped Ye Xuan’er viciously on the face, sending this beloved sister that he had always doted on so much falling to the ground.

“Honour of our family? Do you know, that person can easily destroy our family. You all want to know who is he? Fine, let me tell you. His name is Zhou Weiqing. Not long ago, he led the diplomatic party from the Heavenly Bow Empire to visit our Fei Li Empire. Yes, that Zhou Weiqing. That Zhou Weiqing who defeated the nine-Jeweled Vice Commander of the Royal Family Guards with his six-Jeweled cultivation level. At the same time, he is also the person who led our Fei Li Battle Team in the previous Heavenly Jewel Tournament. At that time, he was only at the three-Jeweled stage. In the entire Fei Li Empire, he is the only one in my heart who can be called a legend. I was once his team member, and I personally witnessed the countless miracles that he created. Who the hell do you all think you are, you dare to provoke him?!”

Hearing Ye Paopao’s words, these youths were stunned. Even Ye Xuan’er totally forgot the pain on her face.

Years ago, when Zhou Weiqing had led the Fei Li Battle Team to achieve the championship of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, it had shook the entire Fei Li Empire. This was especially so for the younger generation of Heavenly Jewel Masters, he could be considered an idol even.

Zhou Weiqing and the rest of the Fei Li Battle Team, and their series of actions and achievements on the Heavenly Jewel Tournament… it had long been turned into stories, passed down through all the various Academies. How could Xuan’er and the others not know about it? Their respect and idolizing of Ye Paopao was also because Ye Paopao had been part of the team!

Just like what Ye Paopao said, in their hearts, Zhou Weiqing was a legend… and this legend had been right in front of them just now!

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing could guess the meaning behind Ye Paopao bringing all these outstanding youthful Heavenly Jewel Masters such a outlying border city at this time. It was clear that they were headed to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. However, this year’s Fei Li Battle Team would no longer be able to reproduce the glorious results of the previous tournament.

They rested for the remainder of the day in the small border city. The next morning, the six members of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team resumed their journey, officially entering the ZhongTian Empire.

They moved on for fifteen more days, at a pace that was even slower than ordinary folk riding normal horses. Still, at last they reached their destination.

In the distance, the giant and wondrous capital city of the ZhongTian Empire in the horizon, with the great pillars that supported the Heavenly Jewel Island, a stunning sight for anyone.