Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 5 (Chapter 25 - Chapter 35)

You little… how dare you pretend to be a Heavenly Jewel Master to try and deceive me and escape punishment? Furthermore, you still pretended to be a Blue Cat’s Eye Jewel, don’t you know how to act properly? Hmph, making your Father, I, happy for a minute, wait till I beat you to death!” As he said that, Admiral Zhou took a step forward and his hand whistled towards Zhou Weiqing’s head.

In truth, it was not surprising that he did not believe Zhou Weiqing. After all, preconceived ideas have a strong hold on people, and for him, someone who had suffered and tried everything for more than ten years in order to try and fix his son’s meridians and failing to do so, it was a rather sore spot for him. As such, he had instantly thought Zhou Weiqing was lying. Furthermore, it was now in the day, and the blue Cat’s Eye Jewel that showed was extremely unique; naturally he would not think of such a rare gem like the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye.

As his furious palm came hurtling down, it was indeed an a scary amount of strength thrown in a moment of anger. However, it was after all his son, and halfway through, before it reached him, he had managed to change the course of it, targeting Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder instead. If not, once that palm hit his face, Zhou Weiqing would become Zhou ‘Toothless’.

“Wuu Wuu”, an angry cry sounded out, and a cute little white head perked out of Zhou Weiqing’s leather armor, baring its little fangs at Admiral Zhou. Of course, Zhou Weiqing didn’t stand there to take the blow this time, and with a *swoosh* sound, his right leg tapped the ground and his body leapt back a few metres, dodging the blow.

Chapter 25 Admiral Zhou Arrives (3)

Normally, when his father hit him, he naturally would not resist. After all, father hitting son was a universally accepted principle [1. Basically in China, especially in the olden days, filial piety is one of the most important values. You can read up about it in Confucianism as well]. However, this time, he knew it was a misunderstanding and accepting the beating would be unjust; naturally he wasn’t that silly.

“You still dare to run? Ehh?” Although Admiral Zhou’s strike just now was from a fit of anger, but his son’s speed still gave him a surprise. In his heart, he thought: Could it be, that little brat was telling the truth?

“Dad, you’re a Mid level Zong Master, don’t tell me you can’t even recognize an Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel!” Zhou Weiqing yelled out indignantly. As he did so, he raised his right hand and circulated his Heavenly Energy, and in an icy mist, the Overlord Bow appeared in his grasp. Actions speak louder than words, and he did not want to waste time; the Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment would tell his tale for him.

As soon as the Overlord Bow appeared, an imposing aura filled the tent, and the thick fluctuations of a Strength Physical Jewel instantly drew Admiral Zhou’s attention.

Admiral Zhou stared blankly at the Overlord Bow in his son’s hand, and his next action was so sudden and strange that it caused both Zhou Weiqing and Xiao Ru Se to not know whether to laugh or cry. The distinguished Admiral actually lifted both his hands, and rubbed at his eyes.

“Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment?”

Zhou Weiqing was afraid his dad would hit him again, and quickly said: “Yes! That’s my first Physical Jewel’s Consolidated Equipment, it’s called the Overlord Bow, has an attack range of over 1.5km, and has an additional explosive effect added on. Furthermore, it also has an socket for an Elemental Jewel in order to make use of fusion skills.

Admiral Zhou’s body trembled and swayed a bit, as he took a step back; his breathing obviously a lot heavier than before. “Weiqing, use your strongest skill and shoot an arrow at me.”

As an archer, naturally Zhou Weiqing had arrows with him, but for him to shoot his own father, he did not dare do so. “Dad… that…”

“Don’t waste time, use your full strength or I’ll beat you up!” Admiral Zhou recovered from his short bout of dazed shock and disbelief, and his eyes shone with an unrestrained excitement and glee.

Zhou Weiqing was very familiar with his father’s temper, and knew he would do as he said. As such, he didn’t argue further and quietened down to focus. As he whipped out an arrow and nocked it onto the Overlord Bow’s bowstring, his shoulders tensed as he drew the bow to its full crescent shape. With a quick thought, the Elemental Jewel on his left wrist quietly fell into the socket on the Overlord Bow. After all, Admiral Zhou was his father, although he had been told to use his strongest skill, but his attribute wheel moved to the black, Darkness Attribute area, instead of the highest damage blue, Lightning area.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was around 10 metres away from his father, and at the instant that he drew the Overlord Bow, Admiral Zhou showed some surprised on his face. With his cultivation level, he could clearly feel how much Heavenly Energy that Overlord Bow was holding currently.

“Dad, be careful!” After he said that, Zhou Weiqing released the bowstring.

The severe whistling sound of the arrow and the final explosion rang out almost simultaneously, and before anyone could see the arrow, in the next instant, a black arrow appeared right in front of Admiral Zhou.

Zhou Weiqing’s jaw dropped as he stared at the sight before him. The arrow that he had shot out with his Overlord Bow was just hovering there right in front of his father, and he had not even seen or felt what skill had been used.

*Bang* Another soft explosion sounded out, and the arrow disintegrated into dust. The Touch of Darkness skill activated and 12 black tentacles of about half a metre flickered for a second, before vanishing as well. From the look, it was as if a small octopus flailed around at Admiral Zhou for a while before disappearing.

Zhou Weiqing was very clear how strong the Overlord Bow’s destructive power was, and for that arrow, he had indeed used his full strength. Unexpectedly, his father had stopped it so easily without even releasing his Heavenly Jewels. He had never really seen his father’s real strength, and only now did he realise how terrifying a mid level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master was.

Xiao Ru Se had been standing at the side, and could see things relatively clearer. Faintly, she had seen that when Zhou Weiqing released his arrow, Admiral Zhou had blown out a breath of air.

Zhou Weiqing was stunned, but at the other side, Admiral Zhou was just as stunned. Of course, with the huge difference in cultivation level, how could Zhou Weiqing possibly injure him? However, feeling the power of that arrow, he had also gotten a good estimation of his son’s strength.

“Ru Se, please leave first, I have to talk to this little brat alone.” Admiral Zhou said passively.

“Yes sir.” Xiao Ru Se agreed respectfully, before turning around to leave.

Admiral Zhou’s face seemed as calm as water, and in a flash, he appeared next to Zhou Weiqing, grabbing his shoulders. In another flash, the surroundings blurred around Zhou Weiqing as he lost sight of everything, only feeling a strong wind blowing past him. As he was also a Heavenly Jewel Master now, he could naturally sense that his father was not using his Heavenly Jewels, and this insane speed was totally with Heavenly Energy alone. Such speed was as if he was flying at low altitudes; this was the power of a 8-Jewelled Mid level Zong stage Heavenly Jewel Master!

After about 15 minutes, Admiral Zhou finally stopped, and Zhou Weiqing saw that his father had brought him to a small hillside.

Admiral Zhou put his son on the ground, and suddenly put his hands to his waist: “Wahahaha! £$%^&*&^%$£””£$%^&! My son is no longer a trash! Wahahaha!!!”

Admiral Zhou’s boisterous laughter almost startled Zhou Weiqing into falling off the cliff. In his memory, he had never seen his black-faced father so happy before.