Heavenly Jewel Change Volume 4 (Chapter 22 - Chapter 24)

It was very obvious that the sudden change in his body was the result of him having Devoured so much Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy from the Forest Direwolves. Although his own Heavenly Energy also contained the Wind Attribute, but he was a human, and unlike Heavenly Beasts, even if he had the black pearl’s power to back him up, having Devoured so much of the Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy, it was not something that his present Dantian could withstand. Previously, due to the Demonic Change, the huge amount of Heavenly Energy was suppressed, and was even able to forcibly make use of it as his own. Alas, now that the Demonic Change had ended, he immediately started having problems suppressing this sheer power.

The Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy Devoured externally, and Zhou Weiqing own Heavenly Energy were rather incompatible, and although the four energy whirlpools for his open Death Acupuncture Points were spinning at top speed to integrate the external Heavenly Energies unceasingly, but it was much too slow and definitely not sufficient to tide him through this dangerous period now. The only solution he had now was to make use of this external power to break through a Death Acupuncture Point; if he succeeded, the situation would naturally can be solved.

The Devour Skill that the black pearl had given Zhou Weiqing seemed to be only targeted towards Heavenly Beasts in this world, and did not work on humans. This was the reason why previously when Zhou Weiqing had issued forth the immense tiger’s roar, Shangguan Bing’er was not affected. However, Devour had its other limits as well, the stronger he was, the ability and capacity to support more Devoured energy would grow as well. Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s present strength was just too weak, but when he was under the Demonic Change State, he was being controlled by the instinct and need for slaughter, and naturally went about recklessly Devouring external Energy. At this point, his body contained too much excessive Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy, and if he did not deal with it promptly, many problems would occur, and in a worst case scenario, he could even implode internally and die from the excess energies.

“I’ll keep watch for you.” When Shangguan Bing’er heard that Zhou Weiqing needed to break through his next Death Acupuncture Point, she unhesitatingly vaulted up and stood behind him. At this moment, what Zhou Weiqing needed most was her support, as he would no longer be able to defend himself if any other Heavenly Beasts came.

Focusing his will, Zhou Weiqing controlled the restless Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy and merging it with his own Heavenly Energy to circulate and move at crazy speeds towards his lower limbs. Presently, his own Heavenly Energy had risen by a substantial amount after exiting from the Demonic Change, and was obviously transformed from all the Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy he had Devoured. Alas, the current problem was he had Devoured too much Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy, and if he did not deal with it, they would revolt.

Zhou Weiqing’s personal Heavenly Energy was actually very pure, but the various Forest Direwolves’ Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy was rather mixed and different. After all, each different Forest Direwolf had a different cultivation level, and having all the dozens of different energies mixing together, especially that final bout Devoured from the Direwolf King, these energies had been running amok in his body, making him feel miserable beyond words.

As he circulated the Heavenly Energy downwards, Zhou Weiqing could feel as though the meridian passages in his thigh area were being split apart, and in a split second, the mixed Heavenly Energy had rushed towards his Zhu San Li Death Acupuncture Point. As the Zhu San Li Death Acupuncture Point whirled with the circulated Energies, Zhou Weiqing swiftly followed the Immortal Deity Technique to manipulate both bouts of Heavenly Energy continuously downwards.

The human body was indeed something of mystery and beauty. The same Cultivation Technique being practiced by a different person could produce a possibly vastly different results. Furthermore, it could be said that this Immortal Deity Technique was somewhat a one-of-a-kind Technique, thus he was only able to attempt it by himself.

It seemed that Lady Luck was on his side, and as the mixed Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy charge through the Zhu San Li Death Acupuncture Point, the energy whirlpool revolving cyclone revolving sped up to three times its previous peak speed. As the mixed Energies overran the Point, it was as if they had gone through a filter, coming out obviously in a purer state.

Chapter 23 Demonic Change (5)

The surface of Zhou Weiqing’s skin seemed to ‘bubble’, as it let loose a thin layer of green gas from the pores, obviously the impurities being discharged after the filtration of the mixed Energies.

After crossing the Zhu San Li Death Acupuncture Point, the relatively purer energies rushed towards the San Yin Jiao Death Acupuncture Point. A similar situation appeared once again, and the immense pressure on Zhou Weiqing’s body was relieved somewhat, making him feel a lot more comfortable after the mixed Wind Attribute Heavenly Energies had been filtered twice. Alas, the total amount and power was just too huge, and the amount absorbed by the two large Death Acupuncture Point energy whirlpools was only a very small portion.

Gritting his teeth, Zhou Weiqing focused his will with all his might, using his original Heavenly Energy to stimulate and lead the mixed Heavenly Energy directly towards the Yongquan Death Acupuncture Point. At this point, he just wanted to break through the Yongquan Death Acupuncture Point, making use of that to once again filter the remaining mixed Heavenly Energy. If he failed, he would have to try to reverse the flow and attempt to absorb all the mixed Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy slowly.

*Bang*! The vast amounts of Heavenly Energy smashed savagely into the Yongquan Acupuncture Point. Alas, with a marked difference from the ease of the first time Zhou Weiqing tried to break through his Clavicle Acupuncture Point, the breaking through of the Yongquan Death Acupuncture Point encountered an unexpected immense resistance and was extremely difficult.

An indescribable pain lanced through both his feet, Zhou Weiqing felt a large amount of blood rush backward along his legs, and once again he spat out a large mouthful of blood. This time, blood seeped out from the pores of his skin, covering his entire body.

The backlash this time was just too fierce, the Yongquan Acupuncture Point had barely forced open a little, and Zhou Weiqing did not know what problems would arise if he actually forced it open with brute force. Alas, like an arrow nocked on a bow which had to be released, he was already at the point of no return now.

Once more! Zhou Weiqing steeled his nerve and ruthlessly focused himself again. With a deep breath, he once took control of the mixed Heavenly Energy, which had became wilder after that first burst, and viciously slammed down in a second attempt of breaking through the Yongquan Death Acupuncture Point.

*Bang*! This time, Zhou Weiqing almost leapt up from the ground, as a cloud of blood spurted out from his pores once again, from the feet all the way up to the thighs, every inch of his flesh seemed to be covered with blood; it was as if his legs’ meridians had been completely ruptured.

Zhou Weiqing felt as though the soles on both his feet had been opened up with a huge hole respectively, and a large amount of Heavenly Energy was gushing out, the acute pain filling his entire body, reminding him of period of time when he was breaking through his first Death Acupuncture Point, the Clavicle Acupuncture Point, but this time is was actually a lot more serious and severe.