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Vampire Kisses Series
Vampire Kisses(Vampire Kisses Series 1) Kissing Coffins(Vampire Kisses Series 2) Vampireville(Vampire Kisses Series 3)
Vampire Kisses
(Vampire Kisses Series 1)
Kissing Coffins
(Vampire Kisses Series 2)
(Vampire Kisses Series 3)
Dance with a Vampire(Vampire Kisses Series 4) The Coffin Club(Vampire Kisses Series 5) Royal Blood(Vampire Kisses Series 6)
Dance with a Vampire
(Vampire Kisses Series 4)
The Coffin Club
(Vampire Kisses Series 5)
Royal Blood
(Vampire Kisses Series 6)
Love Bites(Vampire Kisses Series 7)
Love Bites
(Vampire Kisses Series 7)
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Ellen's very popular series, Vampire Kisses, is a story about high school goth girl named Raven Madison, who lives in a boring town called dullsville. However, when a mysterious guy moves into the mansion atop Benson Hill, it turns the town upside down. Raven finds out he is a vampire and their love begins! This adventure continues in the manga, Blood Relatives, with a short side story.
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