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Blood Pact
Author: Tanya Huff
After facing down a demon and a megalomaniac mummy and rescuing a family of werewolves, Vicki Nelson could claim she's seen it all, particularly when she can count a vampire as a close friend and lover. But none of her experiences can possibly prepare her for her mother's sudden death.
Wracked with grief and guilt, Vicki leaves immediately for Kingston. Vampire Henry Fitzroy and his rival for Vicki's affections, Detective Sergeant Michael Celluci, are not far behind, joining in an uneasy alliance for Vicki's sake.
It's hard to imagine things getting worse, but they do. At the funeral, Vicki discovers that her mother's body is missing from the funeral home, and she turns all of her energies to tracking it down. It isn't long before she is drawn into a web of murder and madness as she uncovers hideous scientific experiments at Queens University, where her mother worked and, in fact, died. Unlike her earlier cases, this time it's personal.
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