My Sister the Vampire Series
Soon after moving to a new town, Olivia meets Ivyand discovers that the strange girl is actually her long-lost twin. But when the identical twins decide to switch places, Olivia makes another shocking discoveryIvy's a vampire...and she's not the only one in town! Kids love reading about vampiresand they're sure to love sinking their teeth into Ivy and Olivia's fangtastic adventures! This set includes the first four books: Switched, Fangtastic!, Re-Vamped!, and Vampalicious!. 208 pages each.
  - Book 1. Switched (2007) online read
  - Book 2. Fangtastic! (2007) online read
  - Book 3. Re-Vamped! (2007) online read
  - Book 4. Vampalicious! (2008) online read
  - Book 5. Take Two (2011) online read
  - Book 6. Love Bites (2011) online read
  - Book 7. Lucky Break (2011) online read