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The Killing Dance(Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter book 6)
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
The Killing Dance continues the adventures of Anita Blake. In the novel, Anita continues to explore her relationship with her two romantic interests, Richard, a werewolf, and Jean-Claude, a vampire, while attempting to resolve an assortment of conflicts ranging from werewolf politics to unsolved murders. As with its predecessors, The Killing Dance blends elements of supernatural, hardboiled and police procedural fiction. The Killing Dance also marks Hamilton's first significant introduction of elements of erotic fiction into her genre fusion.
The werewolves in the novel refer to both sex and dominance fights (particularly the fight to become Ulfric which must end in either the death of the current Ulfric or the death of the challenger) as "the killing dance." This represented a slight variation on Hamilton's practice of naming the novels after a fictional location within each novel for most of the Anita Blake series.
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